The home office desk that stores flat under the sofa!

A Work From Home desk that can be set up or dismantled in less than a minute, and stored under the sofa?  Dublin firm Flying Elephant have reacted to the sudden downturn in their normally busy office by inventing a quick solution to the work-from home-problem, and it’s selling like hotcakes.

Instant home office

Architect Edwin Jebb loves a challenge and loves to work at speed.  He left his job with internationally-acclaimed award-winning practice Grafton Architects to get more involved in production design and started work last summer with Flying Elephant, the firm set up by business partners Michael Keelan and Max Fox three years ago. ‘I love being involved in fast-moving design-and-build projects,’ he says.  The office was constantly busy, but then  the Coronavirus struck and, very quickly, orders started to be cancelled, one after another.   ‘We didn’t want to lay off people, we wanted to keep everyone paid, so we sat down for a major brainstorming session,’ says Jebb.  The result was the WFH Flying Elephant Desk, designed and put into production just 10 days ago, and it’s now being made 24/7 to keep up with demand.

‘We initially guarenteed next-day delivery, but the reaction has been so good that we have to now say within two days,’ says Jebb.  ‘We think that the WFH desk is priced very reasonably, we didn’t want to make money from the crisis, just to keep all the staff in work.’ 

Work from home instant desk

The WFH Desk from Flying Elephant is made from birch ply and can be disassembled quickly  to fit under a sofa or bed.  The desk has no screws or glue, it is simply put together from four elements.  The desk costs €149 including delivery in Dublin, there is a €30 charge for delivery outside Dublin. 

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Barbara EganThe home office desk that stores flat under the sofa!

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