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...Joanne Kelly finds the best of 70's style for modern interiors

Elements from the magical era of the 70’s have been showing up in interiors style for quite some time now, and the trend has definitely become more evident.  There was a lot about the era which was probably best forgotten (glitter platforms, anyone?), but there was also some extraordinarily beautiful classic design in furniture and interior design, which has stood the test of time.   Below, I have selected a few of those elements which are still relevant today.

The colour Palette

Terracottas, pinks and mustards, if used well together these classics can combine to create a beautiful palette with a real seventies vibe. Soft tones and pastels work well together.

Curved furniture

Everything about furniture  became spare and linear for a number of years, but now the curve is back.  We are seeing  the the introduction once more of curvaceous furniture, which softens the look and feel of a space.

indoor plants

Indoor plants as a fashion died a death in the 1990s but now they’e back and trendy.  This is good news as indoor plants are very important in our built environments for our physical and mental well-being, see our recent article on Biophilic Design for in depth coverage on designing healthy indoor environments.  

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Homesense Ireland  Furniture Village  Michael Murphy  Vintage Cushions  Nest  Cuckooland  Abstract House Cult

Barbara EganThat Seventies Style

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