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Paddington Bear, Tutankhamun and Eileen Grey meet in Viking Bray

Paddington Bear’s house, the mask of Tutankhamun, Eileen Gray lacquered screens and early Georgian interiors; these are among the inspirations for historic conservation specialist Erica Devine, who created  a playful and unique décor in her Victorian home in Bray, Co Wicklow.  Read on for fantastic ideas on creating beautiful mise-en-scene in your home!

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Samanta JuskaitePaddington Bear, Tutankhamun and Eileen Grey meet in Viking Bray
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Doctor In The House

Large folding glass door in contemporary minimalist kitchen
Alan Smith had already been hunting for a home in Dublin for three years. He wasn’t in a hurry, he preferred to find something that would be just right, which isn’t always easy. ‘I was renting so I could take my time, and I wanted to buy within a specific area, close to both the city centre and my work,’ he says.

Barbara EganDoctor In The House
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