Space Wizard Wesley O’Brien in Portobello

Space wizard Wesley O’Brien always has a surprise or two up his sleeve… the video to see what clever space savers he has thought up in this Portobello terrace!

The kitchen is a very simple Shaker style, which suits a small space by being visually undemanding.  The units are finished in the same shade of light grey as the walls and the pale brown metro tile splash back echoes the colour of the flooring, this  makes the whole area feel a lot less cluttered.  The kitchen table is long but narrower than is usual and was selected for this reason as it fits into the limited space well, but still seats six people. Although the kitchen is small, it has plenty of storage space and leaving the window wall without units means the light is unobstructed.

Wesley had decided to leave the original cast iron fireplace in the living room, which is at an angle, that’s why one wall of the kitchen is on a diagonal. Making the units and worktop less deep on this area helped the kitchen fit better into the space without obstructing the double doors.  A small display unit adds interest and an opportunity to introduce colour to the interior.

In this two up-two down the two ground floor rooms have been opened up and the opening is wide enough to take a set of double doors, which ensure that the spaces can be separated, but they are fully glazed to increase the feeling of light and space in the 70sqm house.  The background colour palette is a neutral pale grey and light-coloured timber, but there are two other interesting and significant things about the colour scheme. One is that although there are plenty of pops of bright colour, they are all within a limited range of colour, predominantly burnt orange and a mustard yellow.

The other interesting aspect to the colour scheme of this interiors is that the bright pops of colour in the accessories often carry a shade of grey with them, as in the rug here on the living room floor, and also in the blinds. Even the sofa cushions are backgrounded on a dark grey tone, and the result of this is a harmonious feeling to the interiors.

Then, ever the master of surprises, Wesley throws in a shade of blue for the utility area, although it is in a different space and through an arch!  The rear of the house is south-facing and very sunny, so the pale grey wouldn’t stand up very well to that level of light and would appear bleached, the blue is very cheerful and attractive.

Don’t you love those stairs? So simple and so effective, the perfect cost-effective makeover! The dark blue stripe tones with the grey background and counterpoints the hot burnt orange and mustard in the accessories perfectly.

The bedroom exudes uber-calm with pale grey walls and the same orange and mustard used to add warmth and interest.

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Space Wizard Wesley O’Brien in Portobello

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