Lockdown Jigsaws!

12 Great Art Jigsaws to Order online!

Jigsaw, anyone? The amazing Clodagh Nolan loves them and has collated her top twelve online picks.

Clodagh Nolan

I’ll admit it, I love jigsaw puzzles. About 1,000 pieces is perfect, the true puzzler wouldn’t accept anything less, 3,000 is lovely, but can go on a bit. 

The picture on the front is naturally very important, it has a big impact on the difficulty of the puzzle, but you might as well have something beautiful to look at. I usually knuckle down to one between Christmas and the New year, but now  I’ve just got in my lockdown collection from Amazon and I’m looking forward to them all, especially L.S.Lowry Coming From The Mill. Unfortunately, that one is now out of stock, but here are the best picks that can be ordered today.     

Click on any picture for the link

Van Gogh Wheatfield with Cypress £8.77 Amazon. To Be Released April15th
Samuel Peploe Pink Roses Chinese Vase £8.77 Amazon. To Be Released April 15th
Hokusai The Great Wave from Flame Tree Studio €16.03  Free Delivery  The Book Depository
Grant Wood American Gothic from Flame Tree Studio €16.03 Free Delivery Book Depository  
Annie Soudain Midsummer Morning £11.44 Amazon To Be Released April 15th
Gustav Klimt Poppyfield from Flame Tree Studio €16.03 Free Delivery Book Depository
Frida Kahlo in Pink Flame Tree Studio €16.03 Free Delivery Book Depository

Art Jigsaws

As you can see, I like Flame Tree Studios art jigsaws.  Flame Tree Publishing are in London, and you can normally buy directly from them at, however, due to the coronovirus they are not shipping at the moment.  Jordi from Flametree Publishing advises us today (9th April) that the best place to get them is the Book Depository, as shipping is free and they ship quite quickly, and are still shipping to Ireland.  Jordi also hopes that we are looking forward to the new jigsaws from Flametree, coming down the line on April 15th! 

Vintage Jigsaws

Etsy has some interesting vintage jigsaws, but they are quite pricey, and won’t keep you busy for long; a true aficianado knows a jigsaw needs at last 1,000 pieces!

This one caught my eye because I actually had this jigsaw as a child and I loved it..apart from the lady in the traditional hooded cloak who gave me the creeps!  

Waddington’s Jig Map €29.72 Etsy

Kids Jigsaws

If your kids like jigsaws, there is plenty of online choice, from the beautifully-designed  wooden jigsaws from West of Ireland Company, Alphabet Jigsaws, to good old Disney kids jigsaws from Amazon.  Alphabet Jigsaws are made in Sri Lanka, handcrafted and handpainted, and Ben from Alphabet assures me he has been working with the same family for the last 20 years, and they are very skilled. ‘We are really busy just now, about three times as busy as we would normally be at this time of year, but yes, we are still shipping and yes, we ship quickly,’ he assures me.  ‘It’s €1.95 to send anywhere in Ireland, and free if you spend over €50.’

Creepy Crawlies Wooden Jigsaw 2+ €30 plus €1.95 delivery Alphabet Jigsaws
Ravensburger 1000-piece Disney Collector's Edition 101 Dalmations £14.64 plus £9 delivery Amazon

Personalised Photo Jigsaws

Here’s an interesting one; send your own photo to Bavarian company Photopuzzle and they will make you a 1,000 piece puzzle from it. The cost of the jigsaw is €32.99, shipping to Ireland is €5.99. They are still shipping with DHL, although they report that they are very busy as they have lots of orders in from all around the world, as everyone needs something to do at home right now.  ‘We are shipping as fast as we can, so delivery times are still quite short,’ reports Anna from the company’s offices in Germany today. (9th April). 

Jigsaw Storage

So not all of us can leave our lovely jigsaw sitting on the kitchen table, you may want to think about where to store a partly-completed puzzle safely. You can use a board and shove it under the sofa hoping for the best, but there are other options.  The cheapest is a mat which rolls up, some of which can store several different puzzles at once.  A special portfolio-type case is rather nice, but also rather expensive!   A lot of stores are out of stock on these mats,  and more will not ship to Ireland at the moment. The  products below are all in stock and will ship here, this being currently the case today, 10th April.

Bireegoo Jigsaw Felt Roll £11.69 plus £2.93 delivery 12 days Amazon
Jigsaw Roll up mat
Lavievert Jigsaw Puzzle Storage £27.99 Free Delivery 10-12 days Amazon
Jigsaw Carrying Case
Puzzle Mates Deluxe Jigsaw Carrier £59.93 Free Delivery 5-12 days The Happy Tourist

Online Jigsaws

Finally there are online jigsaw puzzles, just not the same, but some people like them.  On most sites you can change the number of pieces, on some you can rotate the pieces making a more difficult puzzle.  This site is one of the simpler ones, the kids may like it, the pieces make a very satisfying clunk when they fit together!  These puzzles are free.

Barbara EganLockdown Jigsaws!

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