Home Office Inspiration?


So many of you are working from home now, and will be for quite a while, so you may be trying to figure out how to carve out a workspace that you can actually function and be productive in. If you can possibly find the space then I would highly recommend a dedicated work space, as you can just shut the door and get into the zone. Equally its nice to be able to shut the door and leave the work in there!  Here are some of our suggestions for home office inspiration.

Calm and Natural

Home Office Calm and Neutral scheme

Having a bright and airy space will help to keep you focused on the task at hand. Natural light is also key to keeping a balanced mindset. 

Home Office Calm and Neutral

A neutral colour palette and natural materials create a calm environment for concentration on the tasks at hand without distraction.


Home Office Calm and Neutral colour scheme

Soft greys and taupes suit this style, with light-coloured natural timber finishes. It’s always a good idea to add green plants to your workspace if you can, for a full explanation, see my article on Biophilic Design in the workplace HERE

Dark and Moody

Home Office Dark and Moody

What kind of space you work best in is a very individual thing, and some people find they concentrate best in a space with low lighting and few distractions.  I would recommend that you do get out into the sunshine for regular walks though!

Home Office Dark and Moody

Mixing darker tones with natural materials can be a really nice balance, as in the images above.

cool colour

Home Office with colour

If you work in the creative field, or the neutral palette just doesn’t do it for you, then why not introduce some colour? I would still suggest to just add small amounts, as it is a work space and needs to be practical.

Home Office Breakout space

Whatever type of workspace you opt for, it’s a good idea to incorporate a reading or chill out space. Sometimes it’s just nice to get away from the desk or computer…scroll down for a gallery of home office inspiration. Stay safe and well!


Home office inspiration

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Barbara EganHome Office Inspiration?

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