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In the Garden..September

Gladioli in sunlit garden with hanging basket

It’s September, the last of the summer flowers are making their final stand before the first frost will kill them off and autumn fruits are ripening in hedgerow and orchard.  Here in Ardagh Glebe, the big showy Gladioli do surprisingly well given that my style of gardening involves simple survival of the fittest.

Barbara EganIn the Garden..September
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In the Garden…

Out in the garden today, looking for what’s interesting, I notice that the Clematis Jackmanii are doing very well this year.  Clematis Jackmanii is a large-flowered late summer-blooming clematis which is very easy to find in garden centres and very easy to grow too!

Barbara EganIn the Garden…
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This Week in the Garden


So what’s going on in the garden this week? It’s been a cold April so far, so although many plants flowered quite early, things have come to a bit of a halt. But there’s a load of colour in the garden anyway, and I have plenty to inspire you!

auraadminThis Week in the Garden
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