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Dublin City Cool Blue Cottage

Spiralling house prices in Dublin left Julie O’Brien and boyfriend Julian Palmer despairing of ever being able to move out of their parent’s homes. Then Julie’s father, property scout and designer Wesley O’Brien spotted this tiny rundown cottage in Dublin city, and persuaded one of his investors to buy it as a renovation project…..

Samanta JuskaiteDublin City Cool Blue Cottage
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Paddington Bear, Tutankhamun and Eileen Grey meet in Viking Bray

Paddington Bear’s house, the mask of Tutankhamun, Eileen Gray lacquered screens and early Georgian interiors; these are among the inspirations for historic conservation specialist Erica Devine, who created  a playful and unique décor in her Victorian home in Bray, Co Wicklow.  Read on for fantastic ideas on creating beautiful mise-en-scene in your home!

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Samanta JuskaitePaddington Bear, Tutankhamun and Eileen Grey meet in Viking Bray
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Hygge Home Here

sitting room with an open space to the kitchen
The dining area and music room area in the background

Maija Fitzgerald has brought the practicality and simplicity of interiors in her native Finland to Dublin, creating a hygge home like a hug, right here. You can too!

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Samanta JuskaiteHygge Home Here
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A Stable Home

Converted stable home in Carlow

The journey from an upbringing in an early eighteenth-century manor house in Cranmore, Somerset, to living in a stable block in Co. Carlow is surely a road less travelled, but never one that artist Claudia Roche saw any problem with.


Barbara EganA Stable Home
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Doctor In The House

Large folding glass door in contemporary minimalist kitchen
Alan Smith had already been hunting for a home in Dublin for three years. He wasn’t in a hurry, he preferred to find something that would be just right, which isn’t always easy. ‘I was renting so I could take my time, and I wanted to buy within a specific area, close to both the city centre and my work,’ he says.

Barbara EganDoctor In The House
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The Organic Home

Home built in Co Wicklow from straw bales usd with steel structure with grass roofs

Built of steel frame and strawbale construction and finished in lime render, landscape designer Mattthew Shearer describes the design of his Co. Wicklow home as ‘Organic Architecture, ‘ but it also encompasses many of the elements of Biolphilic design as discussed by contributor Joanne Kelly in her earlier article.  Inside, the house is startling.

Barbara EganThe Organic Home
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Georgian Splendor

‘Every act is creative, removal as well as addition. In an old house, everything has potential to be worth preserving, nothing is less important than something else.’

Architects Douglas Carson and Rosaleen Crushell bought this  late-Georgian home when they came back to Dublin after a six-year stint in London, thereby becoming the caretakers of another era in the building’s long history.

Barbara EganGeorgian Splendor
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The Hidden Gem- A house in a Victorian square with a green in Dublin’s city centre.

She heard it on the grapevine…..

‘I had heard a rumour about a hidden gem, a Victorian square with a green in Dublin’s city centre that few people know about, quite a few years ago’, says Aviation Leasing Manager Lynn Guiney.  ‘ I researched and found it,  and watched as during the boom years, houses in the square in need of complete renovation were fetching up to £1 million.’

Barbara EganThe Hidden Gem- A house in a Victorian square with a green in Dublin’s city centre.
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