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Design Sushi

  • Start-up!

    Well, here it is, the beginning of a new era!  My name is Barbara Egan and if you have read a interiors or lifestyle magazine in Ireland or the UK in the last fifteen years, chances are you have been reading my articles.  I started out studying Architecture in UCD, later went to London to  do a degree in Photography and Film, and ended up back in Dublin working as a studio and location photographer.  In 2002 I started a company called Reportage, supplying interiors and homes features, photographs and text, to a lot of interiors magazines in Ireland, the UK and Europe.  But I always wanted to start my own magazine, there were so many really fascinating and interesting things that I encountered on my travels that didn’t fit into magazine templates, but that I wanted to tell people about!

  • Interaction first.

    So, it’s the digital revolution that has given me the opportunity, because Design Sushi could ever only have been a digital magazine.  I didn’t want the same-old, I wanted to communicate with readers and give them a really useful resource with constant information and help. It had to be interactive. It had to be open to all sorts of articles. It had to respond to readers.   And you know what? I’m really lucky to have friends who are experts at the top of  their field, and who had the faith to agree to join me!


You may know top interior designer and architect Denise O’Connor of Optimise Design from her appearances on TVs Design Doctors or from the design articles she has written for many publications, architect Maxime Laroussi of Urban Agency is a tutor at UCL, and one of the most imaginative and creative architects working in Ireland today, Joanne Kelly of Think Contemporary is passionate about producing cutting-edge workplace design, Karina Heaslip is a brilliant designer and stylist, who has just signed on to work on a very well-known TV show (more on that later).

Panel of Experts

I’m also assembling a ‘nuts and bolts’ panel of experts to answer all the questions you have, from new home purchasing to planning  an extension, or how to create your own design schemes.  A BIG important point of Design Sushi Magazine is to let you, dear reader, see all those lovely products in our features, and actually, really and truly, be able to get them easily for your own home!  In fact, many will be click-to-buy right here on Design Sushi, because there’s nothing more annoying than seeing all that lovely stuff in dream interiors magazines  and knowing how hard it would be to actually find any of it in a shop!

It’s You! It’s You! It’s You!

But you know what the most important thing of all is in Design Sushi Magazine? It’s you. So I’m asking you to talk to me and tell me what you want to see in this magazine, you can do that with the big orange button now!   Design Sushi is only starting out, I’m planning forums, toolboxes, lots of e-books with interesting content, you name it. But join me on the journey, please and tell us what it is that would make you feel you’ve got a great resource here!

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